The Club


The Last Legion MC is a newly created Brotherhood . When forming this tightly knit brotherhood, we recognized motorcycle clubs were a dime a dozen and have been main stream for quite some time. We understood that forming, yet another club, it would have to strive to be something new, exciting, and different. We wanted a club of like minded brothers who were motivated, dedicated, and share the love for the open road.

To begin with there was no club name or symbol. We were 8 individuals with strong friendships that were there before the LLMC was formed. As a group of like minded and close friends, we wanted a club that would make brotherhood and autonomy the ultimate priority. We knew what we had in prior clubs and what we didn’t want in the future. We wanted a disciplined looking crew of tight brothers who always had each others back. We agreed that a purchased piece of cloth held no real set of standards or goals. We created a selection process with standards that are not easily met before entry is granted. Every member has a vote and a voice. No member can be ignored.

We wanted to bring back the pride of being a member of a MC and along with the camaraderie that has been lost with so many other clubs. We want our members to be proud of the club in which they are a part of. To think of their club before action is taken and to make decisions that will reflect highly.

It was determined early on that the Last Legion MC would never focus on the numbers alone or the number of members it could recruit. We never wanted to measure the success of our club on how many members or chapters we could patch in. It is our opinion that the more members a club has, the more problems that comes along with it. It is rare that we would ever reach out to anyone for the purposes of joining this club. Instead, we prefer interested members to check out other clubs in their area before committing to us. This is not a club where you sign up, send a check, and receive your cuts. To become a member you earn the honor through, loyalty, dedication, honor, motivation, trust and riding hard. Nothing is loved, valued, and respected unless it is earned. If you want to buy your way into a club, we are not for you.

Our brothers must go out of their way to show us that they are genuine and trustworthy. We will never ask of our membership things we would not be willing to do ourselves We will conduct ourselves as disciplined professionals and have our own internal code of conduct.

A probationary period for all potential members is required. The purpose of this ensure only like minded brothers become full members of the Last Legion MC. We do not haze, demean, or publicly embarrass any probationary member. However, your commitment to the brotherhood will be tested. For those who are not willing to put in the time, commitment, to build new friendships, we encourage you to look somewhere else. The Last Legion MC is a young club but is exciting, growing, and trend setting. We want only members who will be dedicated, up beat, unselfish, and positive role models in the MC world.

We realize the public looks at us and we are held to a higher standard . We will not tolerate any member who does not conduct his self with honor to himself the community and the club. We will show you respect and we demand the same. Respect all Trust Few and Fear none.

LLMC Prez.



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